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The Flight Design CTLS is the latest version of the CT optimized for the Light Sport Aircraft rules of the United States. The CTLS is a step forward with its carbon fiber airframe providing a strong, light and smooth aerodynamic design that offers excellent aerodynamic efficiency. A standard Dynon Glass avionics panel with the latest Garmin avionics allows the use of advanced features like XM weather and music as well as terrain and moving maps. We also now offer the option of the Dynon Skyview panel as well as the new Garmin G3X panel. Both of these exciting new panels give LSA pilots large glass panel displays with capabilities such as synthetic vision only found in the large jets just a few years ago.

Other new features aimed at ease of maintenance make the CTLS a joy to own and a great airplane to fly for pilots of all skill levels. The fuselage design of the CTLS minimizes drag and maximizes interior width for you, your passenger and gives sufficient room for your baggage. The composite landing gear is designed to better absorb hard landings. A standard BRS parachute system provides an advanced safety feature on every U.S. CT airplane. The Rotax 912 ULS engine now has a 2000 TBO making the efficiency and cost benefit even better than before.


The CTLS has a normal cruising speed of 115 kts (132 mph) at 75% power giving a maximum range of nearly 1000 miles! The strut-less carbon fiber wing has high-lift slotted flaps for amazing short field capabilities. Due to the strength to weight ratio of carbon fiber, the CTLS fully equipped has a useful load of over 550 lbs. The synergistic combination of all these features make the CTLS perform better than other LSAs for many important performance aspects.


The CTLS has been certified for two international airworthiness standards and was developed by Flight Design’s professional engineering staff with safety utmost in their minds. The structure of the CTLS is over 90% carbon fiber which provides superior pilot and passenger protection. Four-point safety harnesses, wing located fuel tanks and the standard BRS 1350 parachute system are just a few of the integrated and well thought out safety features of this state-of-the-art aircraft.

We know you will love the Flight Design aircraft and are happy to answer any of you questions.
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