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With the Cirrus aircraft and Flying 2.0 we have a solution. Utilizing the Absolute state-of-the-art in technology, safety, reliability, comfort, and performance. Accept no substitute. The first time you sit in the cabin of a Cirrus aircraft, prepare to have your perceptions shattered. No other personal aircraft comes close. Every detail and luxurious appointment is crafted and designed to make travel as enjoyable as it is cost-efficient and time-saving. This uniquely comfortable cabin is another key aspect of the breakthrough Cirrus Flying 2.0™ experience.

While the rest of the industry stood still in its Flying 1.0 approach to personal aircraft for the last quarter century, Cirrus transcended the industry with high performance aircraft and state-of-the art avionics that are the envy of the competition. And no other aircraft offers this level of safety. Standard on every Cirrus aircraft and unique in general aviation, the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS™) gives all airplane occupants one more chance in the event of a life-threatening in-flight emergency. A safety feature even the airlines cannot boast.

Perhaps the most convincing aspect of Cirrus ownership is the freedom and flexibility you gain giving you the ultimate priceless benefit: more time. Time with your family, your loved ones, at your favorite vacation destination or second home. Time to spend how you choose.


The SR22T has a cruising speed of 214 kts at 85% power, a maximum range over 1000nm and a typical useful load of 1052 lbs.The SR20 has a cruising speed of 155 kts at 75% power, a maximum range over 785 and a typical useful load of 970 lbs.


From day one all Cirrus aircraft have been designed and have evolved around making your experience as safe as it can be. Features such as redundant instruments and systems to ensure you never miss a beat and enhanced safety features such as a  comprehensive ice protection systems and a cuffed wing for improved low-speed handling, primary and multifunction displays provide comprehensive situational awareness via a moving map, satellite weather information, synthetic vision, infrared EVS, terrain awareness, traffic information, fuel, engine and systems information and more, perspective ESP™ (Electronic Stability Protection),  autopilot with blue level button backed by dual AHRS, tough, composite construction that has never experienced a structural failure, A light but strong passenger compartment roll cage able to withstand a rollover; a beveled firewall for additional protection, Airbag seatbelts and of course CAPS the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System.

We know the Cirrus aircraft is the best and we are happy to answer any of you questions. Feel free to contact us for more information or to arrange a demo flight.

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