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Mojave towerPeanut Butter BurgerThe Voyager restaurant at the Mojave airport is owned by the same folks who operate the restaurants at Henderson, Lancaster (Fox Field), and several other airports in our area and their food has become known to pilots all over the West as simple, delicious American food with just enough variety and plenty of choices to keep everyone interested.Catalina Omelette For something a little different than the norm, try the Peanut Butter Burger! The omelets are amazing too. Tie down parking is available right in front of the restaurant. Just tell tower you’re coming in for food and he’ll give you friendly progressive to the transient lot. Easy access, good food, and theres always something to see! On our visit, we watched a B2 doing arial refueling operations over the field, and of course this is the home of Burt Rutan & Scaled Composites so there’s always a chance to see Spaceship 2 taxiing around. Not much to see around the town, but as a $100 hamburger run, Mojave is a solid 7.

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