Steps to receive an M-1 Visa

Step 1: Select A Program

First you must select the available program/programs you wish to enroll in. The hours to complete a program will vary depending on each student’s ability. Our training programs allow you to complete your training and flight requirements efficiently.

Step 2: Submit I-20 Information

All foreign students are required to have an I-20 Form to gain entry into the United States. A non-refundable fee of $150 is required to compile and submit your I-20 information. Upon receipt of your I-20 fee and your completed I-20 Information form, Elite Flight Training & Management will send you an acceptance letter, your completed I-20 form and International Student Information Packet including the Student Pilot Training Agreement. Please thoroughly read the information given herein and carefully follow the instructions to begin the enrollment process. If you will also need an M-2 for dependents, additional information will be requested and submission of a DS-156 Nonimmigrant Visa Application is required.

There is a $50 fee per dependent to process documentation for M-2s.

If you have any questions regarding the I-20 form please email to:
To begin the I-20 information submission, you must first submit your I-20 fee.
Click here to fill our I-20 application [this links to enroll now page and returns them to this page after submitted]
Click here to pay I-20 fee [this goes to I-20 credit card form, and returns them to this page after submitted]
Once we receive the I-20, it will be sent via FedEx to your address, alone with all other necessary documentation.

Step 3: Getting your M-1 Student VISA

To obtain your M-1 Student Visa, first you must go to the Student and Exchange Visitors Information Service (SEVIS) website: and complete the SEVIS I-901 Form and pay the required $200.00 application fee. Resident Aliens are not required to pay this fee. You must have your I-20 first and you will need information (N#, Name and Birth Date, etc) from this form.
The I-901 Form fee can be paid using a credit card.

Next, you will need to call the nearest U.S. Embassy to set an appointment for your routine interview and to receive your Visa. Then you will go to the U.S. Embassy with the appropriate documents for the routine interview.

The appropriate documents include: I-20 Form, Passport, Financial Statements, and Receipt for payment of Form I-901. You will be notified as to whether you have been approved or disapproved. If all is in order, the U.S. Embassy will provide you, the student, with an M-1 Student Visa permitting you to enter the United States. The length of time for this process varies from country to country. We suggest you practice your interview with a friend or family member and research the aviation field in your home country.

Two of the most important questions asked by the U.S. Embassy are as follows:

• Why would you like to become a pilot?
• What assurance can you give us that you will return to your home country after completion of your flight training?

You may be asked to present to the U.S. Embassy a copy of our Air Agency Certificate which will be sent via FedEx with your I-20.

Step 4: TSA (Transportation Security Administration) Clearance

It is very important that you begin the process of getting your TSA clearance as soon as you decide that you are going to train with us. Doing this BEFORE you arrive will ensure a quicker start to your training. The application processing fee for each course is $130. The name on the credit card used must match the name on the application. If there is no fingerprinting agency located in your home country, you will need to have the fingerprint portion of this process completed after entering the United States. You can verify if there is an agency in your home country by going to the TSA link: , and completing the form. An email will be sent to you requesting fingerprints and you will be given access to a website that will list all fingerprinting agencies. The TSA fee can be paid after you have received approval for your M-1 Student Visa.
The TSA Clearance process:

  • Go to
  • Click LOGIN → New Student Account
  • Complete all the requested information; if you have any questions, we can help you. Here are a few items that students usually need assistance in completing.
  • You MUST give your Last Name and Your First Name
  • Training Request Course Name: Initial
  • Aircraft Type is the particular aircraft model you will be flying to earn your rating, for example: Cessna 172, Flight Design CTLS or Cirrus SR20.
  • Category is 3; this signifies aircraft under 12,500 lbs
  • Pay directly to the TSA the $130 processing fee.
  • You will also need to upload a clear color copy of your passport and your visa. A very important part of your TSA clearance is fingerprinting. If you can secure your fingerprints prior to your arrival, this will enable you to begin your training with little to no delay. If your fingerprinting is not processed prior to your arrival to the United States, you may delay commencement of your student pilot training up to 45 days.

Step 5: Payment for Student Pilot Training

Prior to arriving at Elite Flight Training & Management, a $3,000 payment is REQUIRED and due prior to your arrival at EFTM. Access to our school, housing, or transportation will not be available to you until your initial payment is received. This WILL delay the commencement of your training program. We will contact you to make wire transfer arrangements.

Step 6: Student Pilot Training Agreement

Each student is required to sign the attached Student Pilot Training Agreement. Upon your arrival, please have a signed copy of this document ready for delivery to EFTM. We will email this agreement to you. You may bring it with you, but you will not be allowed to train until it is receved.

Step 7: You are almost ready to arrive…

Prior to your arrival in the United States, and AFTER receiving the M-1 Student Visa and submission of all required fees and payments to EFTM, you MUST provide us with the details of your travel arrangements. By email:, please send us the following flight information: name of the airline, flight number, arrival date and flight arrival time at KLAS (Las

Vegas McCarran International Airport). As soon as you know your arrival gate, please call us with that information.

This will enable us to have someone pick you up at the airport when you arrive. Please review the Arrival Packet enclosed.

If you have any questions, please contact us by telephone or by email. It will be our pleasure to have you participate in our flight training program so that you may begin your career in aviation.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Phone: 702-835-1222

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