International Flight Training

Steps to receive an M-1 Visa

Aircraft Management

At Elite we offer a full range of aircraft management services from complete corporate pilot services to data bases updates and recurrent training. Elite offers you the ability to focus on what matters most. Whether you need time to work and use your aircraft to get more done in the day or would like the security knowing that your aircraft is maintained to the highest standards and your pilot’s part of a highly professional team that undergo frequent recurrent training and maintain the highest standards.

Airplane Courses and Pricing

Buy a New Cirrus

With the Cirrus aircraft and Flying 2.0 we have a solution. Utilizing the Absolute state-of-the-art in technology, safety, reliability, comfort, and performance. Accept no substitute. The first time you sit in the cabin of a Cirrus aircraft, prepare to have your perceptions shattered. No other personal aircraft comes close.  Every detail and luxurious appointment is crafted and designed to make travel as enjoyable as it is cost-efficient and time-saving. This uniquely comfortable cabin is another key aspect of the breakthrough Cirrus Flying 2.0™ experience.

Helicopter Courses & Pricing

Helicopter Courses & Pricing

The Flight Design CTLS is the latest version of the CT optimized for the Light Sport Aircraft rules of the United States. The CTLS is a step forward with its carbon fiber airframe providing a strong, light and smooth aerodynamic design that offers excellent aerodynamic efficiency. A standard Dynon Glass avionics panel with the latest Garmin avionics allows the use of advanced features like XM weather and music as well as terrain and moving maps.

International Partners

International Partners - Professional flight training academy

At Elite we can help you with a full range of services from acquiring you first aircraft to selling your current aircraft and finding your next one. Our experienced sales can assist you with your aircraft needs from Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) to Large Turbine Aircraft. Once you decide on you aircraft Elite Management (Link to Management) can handle all of your ownership needs. Buying your dream aircraft can be equally as difficult as selling if you do not have the correct tools or knowledge.

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