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Truly Elite Equipment & Facilities

Technically Advanced Cockpits

With Garmin’s G-1000 glass cockpit system installed on all of our planes, you’ll benefit from the safest and most informative flight experience in general aviation.

Maintenance is Key

Elite doesn’t just do the basic required maintenance. We keep our planes up so you can feel proud and safe in the nicest training aircraft in Vegas!

Newer is Better

Our aircraft are all late models with the latest in avionics and systems to keep you safe and informed in flight. They’re so advanced, that some airlines don’t have as much cool stuff onboard!

Step Up in Style

With options to transition into the Cirrus SR20 with Garmin Perspective, your flying just got a lot sexier! …And safer too.

At Elite Flight Training, we are here to ensure your success.

Simply training is not enough. Unlike other flight schools, Elite Flight Training is not a pilot mill – we advocate for you at every stage to safeguard your success. We will not allow you to enroll if you don’t meet the criteria to become a pilot. We will not let you invest your time and money without first ensuring you qualify to become a pilot. Our primary business goal is not our bottom line, it is for our pilot candidates to be the best – professional, responsible, highly trained pilots who the airlines will hire – your success is how we define success.

Why do we position our flight school in this way?

Through our relationships with the airlines, we understand the needs they face when hiring pilots. In addition to the national pilot shortage, most airlines experience a lack of qualified, professional pilots who apply for careers with them. They note several factors: Regional Airlines find when they interview candidates after they have completed all of their training, that, at best, only 50% are qualified to be offered a position. The candidates either have medical or background issues that prohibit them from becoming a commercial pilot. The candidate could have been informed and screened for these issues long before ever spending their money and time with the average flight school. Candidates from other flight schools do not have the leadership nor professionalism required to fly commercially. This is an integral part of flight training which the average flight school does not focus on. Candidates do not have the aptitude to be hired as a commercial pilot. Again, screening before starting your training would expose the aptitude challenges a candidate might face.

How do we protect you from failing before you even begin your training?

Elite created a solution for the airlines and the pilot candidates. Through our Professional Airline Training Program – ATP The ATP Program advocates for candidates long before they ever invest their time or finances. Elite Flight Training prescreens all applicants prior to them ever beginning their training. Our four tiered prescreening process empowers candidates to make informed decisions prior to pursuing your career or investing your well earned money. The screening processed developed by Elite Flight Training is inclusive and extensive to better serve you. No other flight school offers this program. Airline Partners: We work in partnership with the airlines to fully understand their requirements. ATP utilizes the parameters the airlines establish; we provide counseling throughout the training process and our leadership is available to you every step of the way; leadership and professionalism are also part of our core curriculum. Our direct relationship with regional and major airlines keeps you in the pipeline for career placement. Individualized Study: We are here to protect you, to guide you and to train you to ensure your success. Our Core Values demand we provide a level of training that exceeds industry standards. Our intent is to position you to become the best of the best. Our highly individualized approach creates leaders in the sky. In addition to the above, we offer one-on-one training with experienced instructors proprietary screening, programs, training material, staged success metrics advisory/counseling for each student directly from our leadership Your success is how we define our success. Founded in 2007, Elite Flight Training has been one of Las Vegas’ fastest growing companies, in large part due to our advocacy, professionalism and solutions based approach. Elite is a VA Approved, FAA Part-141 flight school and is TSA and SEVP approved to host international students. Elite is also an acknowledged leader in Cirrus’s training center network.

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