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(Salisbury, MD) Piedmont Airlines and American Airlines have a ten year agreement for no interview career progression, or “flow” from the wholly-owned regional to the world’s largest airline. The flow agreement is unique to Piedmont Airlines.

How does the flow agreement between Piedmont and American work?

This is a 10 year agreement, so active, qualified Piedmont pilots on the seniority list are eligible to flow at any time during the length of that contract. Each month, Piedmont pilots can opt in or opt out of the flow. Once the monthly bid closes, Piedmont will send the most senior pilots who opted in to American’s training. New hires must be with us for one year before flowing, and recently upgraded captains must also wait one year.

How is the Piedmont to American Airlines flow different from others?

With most flow agreements, pilots get one chance to opt-in, based on seniority. At Piedmont, pilots anywhere on the seniority list can opt in to the flow at any time. If a class date doesn’t work because of a family emergency or planned vacation, for example, our pilots won’t miss their opportunity to flow. The flow agreement also has a safety net. If a Piedmont pilot flows to American and fails to qualify, he or she can come back to Piedmont and requalify without losing any seniority.

What is the expected time frame for flow from Piedmont to American?

Under the agreement, Piedmont will flow 36 pilots to American in 2015. As Piedmont pilot hiring increases for the EMB-145 fleet expansion, the flow will increase. Flow, plus normal pilot attrition, plus a subset of pilots who will never opt in means a pilot hired by Piedmont today could reasonably expect to join an American training class in three to five years.

Do pilots interview with American before they can flow?

No interview required.

As a new hire, how will the flow benefit me?

Piedmont’s is the fastest flow to American based on the size of Piedmont’s pilot group, so pilots who want to fly for American start with an advantage here. Also, as the Piedmont fleet expands and senior pilots continue to flow, first officers will see upgrade times drop to less than two years. This is a really nice window for new pilots at Piedmont.

Where can I get more information on the Piedmont to American flow agreement?

Please call pilot recruiter Mike Campbell at 386-212-0235 or email piedmontrecruiting@usairways.com.

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